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Black Surgical Mask hou Yun then patted Ye Han s shoulders hard and slammed.Then he whispered to Ye Han Boy, you are still very embarrassed to say that you have just scraped away a big piece Black Surgical Mask of meat, and you still want to benefit.Ye Han faintly. said There is good, you can t do it, it s not right, what you want to give me, when to cash out The two of them whispered in this ring, and they fell in the Black Surgical Mask eyes of other people, but they looked very different.Not to mention other people, that is, Liu Yan is very skeptical Black Surgical Mask at this moment, what is the relationship between Ye Han and his master, how does it seem to be a good relationship Fortunately, there is a Zhou Xiaoya found that such a situation is not good, so coughed, reminded Ye Han and Zhou Yun.Zhou Yun then released the tightly caught Ye Han, then laughed and said Little guys, you will perform well Black Surgical Mask in the afternoon martial arts test, I look forward to your surprise.Then, his body flashed and his eyes disappeared. Zhou Xiaoya looked helplessly at the direction he left, and then announced to others Continue the third round of the fourth round of the first Black Surgical Mask phase of the competition in the afternoon.As for Ye Han

, after listening to Zhou Xiaoya s words, sireck s013gy dust mask cleaning instructions I yawned boringly, and I didn t look Black Surgical Mask at them.I was bored Black Surgical Mask Black Surgical Mask and walked to the Lin Yaner who what stores sell masks for face how often to use blue tansy face mask herbivore just stepped down.Bored, or eating is important Immediately, he uline packing supplies ignored the reaction of other people, and went straight to the Yanwu Square with Lin Yaner and Yang Qi.Behind them, Feng Yao and others looked at him with a bit of eccentric.ity, especially the wind, and the eyes were simply trying to devour his life.Yang Qi inadvertently discovered such a gaze, and there was a bit of worry in his heart.However, Ye Han just smiled and smiled. Don t worry about them, they don t dare to mess around, unless they don t want to continue to participate in the martial arts test.You must also perform well in the afternoon. Yang Qi has focused on several people.Everyone came out of the west of the city. Black Surgical Mask Lin Biao Black Surgical Mask Black Surgical Mask and Lin Yaner performed very well.They didn t want to shame the people in the west. Chapter 109 Restaurant Storm Because they still have to continue the game in the afternoon, Ye Han, after how to make a realistic face mask of a human they left the square, did Black Surgical Mask not Black Surgical Mask go far, but began to find a place to eat.Others who have retired from the square have made the

Black Surgical Mask

same choice.In this way, many restaurants and inns around the square are crowded with people in the blink of an eye.The treasurer and the younger are busy. When they are sweating, they all smile, because every martial test These two days are when they make the most money.Ye Han and Black Surgical Mask several people walked into the street and looked at the crowds around them.They couldn t help but feel a little dazed. Xunzi, where do we go to eat Yang Qi said, scratching his head.There are people everywhere. Ye Han also ha.d a headache. He didn t expect Black Surgical Mask to have a meal so much trouble.His eyes swept around, and Ye Han found Black Surgical Mask that there were not many people in the vicinity of the restaurant, and they immediately took the crowd.It is a pity that after they came here, they only knew that the location here had already been settled by the major families in the east.Helplessly Black Surgical Mask glanced around again, Ye Han suddenly found that there is still a place in front of it seems that the crowd is not so crowded.When I wanted to greet everyone to go there, he suddenly found that it was the best restaurant in the city of Bishan.It s the Black Surgical Mask woman s site, that s it. Ye Han s heart s

uddenly dispelled Black Surgical Mask the idea.Because, he always felt that the blue woman was very dangerous last night, it is better to stay away from it.Let s go somewhere else. Ye Han waved his hand at the crowd.However, when he wanted to greet everyone to Black Surgical Mask look elsewhere, suddenly, a voice was introduced from the side of several of them.Hey, isn t this the big Black Surgical Mask genius of the city Ye Han brows and how often to change 3m respirator filter wrinkles, turned to look at the direction of the voice, only to find that it is actually Hualin with a few flowers and children to come over to them.And that sentence, n94 respirator vs surgical mask obviously, was shouted by a person around Hualin, and it has already attracted the survivair 7000 series half mask respirator attention of ma.ny people around. Seeing them, Black Surgical Mask Ye Han did not speak, Yang Qi said first Hey, this is not the genius coronavirus prezi of the East Garden Flower Black Surgical Mask House that has just been defeated by the Black Surgical Mask scorpion.It is really clever. Haha, well said.Ye Han, other teenagers from the west of the city, all applauded.However, many of Black Surgical Mask the people present here have cast an unfriendly light on them.Obviously, the people how to make slime with petroleum jelly without glue no face mask slime in this restaurant, if they are not the family