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Laryngeal Mask in his body, and seemed to echo something in his body.You don t know the old slaves, but the old slaves know you, said the old man who claimed to be the ink.Ye Han soon thought Laryngeal Mask of a person, and now staring at the old man said Do you are my father s mount, that gold winged Dapeng It is the old slave ink is away from Christine.No wonder the other party will know their parents. Ye Han s brow Laryngeal Mask stretched out and said, Get up.Xie Sh. aozhu ink said very respectfully.You don t have to Laryngeal Mask Laryngeal Mask call me a little master, just call me a name.I don t Laryngeal Mask have so many rules here, Ye Han said. This can make it impossible , the ink can not help but panic, and quickly said.Ye Han waved his hand Laryngeal Mask and said, Well, let s sit down, sit down, I want to know more about my parents.Ye Han is also very keen to learn more about some parents messages, but I don t have any thoughts on this issue.Inklessly hesitated, and finally stopped sitting on Laryngeal Mask the opposite side of Ye Han.Less master, you should have some understanding of the master s deeds, said Mo.Ye Han nodded and gestured to let him continue. Ye Han is very eager to know what kind of person Ye Qianyu is.One person can still hav

e the upper hand Laryngeal Mask fart in dust mask against the four great emperors.This man makes Ye Han Laryngeal Mask very curious about him. The master is a Laryngeal Mask mysterious man.In fact, even I don t know Laryngeal Mask much about the real identity of the master.I only know that he is not a person on the East Pole.Well, he is coming to other 3m half mask kit continents, Ye Han 3m respirator chlorox n95 asked.Yes, more accurately, he is from the earth, said Mo, I Laryngeal Mask don t know his true identity.He never told me that I only know that his identity is like in the vast land.Not too simple. Oh, Ye Han suddenly became more interested.I got to know him a hundred years ago. He came to the East Pole a hundred years ago.When he met him. I have reached the strength of the pseudo emperor, because he broke into my Laryngeal Mask territory and threatened to keep me Mounted, I have a fight with him.As for the result, naturally I lost to him and then gave him Laryngeal Mask a five how to make a face mask quick hundred year mount according to the bet.However, although I am his mount, he treats me like his own brother.At the same time, I also succeeded in his imperialism with his Laryngeal Mask help.Otherwise, my qualifications may not be possible for a fresh air respirator diy lifetime.Reach the emperor level, ink recalled. Ye Han listened quietly, and in the mind, th

Laryngeal Mask

e vague figure seemed to be clear.In this way, I followed your father for a hundred years.I know that twenty years ago, your father met your mother in the battlefield of the witches.The two became monks, and they swayed the world, and they were willing to avenge their enemies.It Laryngeal Mask is also the time when the owners are most happy and happy, said Mo.However, on the day you were Laryngeal Mask born, your father s enemies in the vast territory chased the East Pole, the eight elites and Laryngeal Mask their mounts besieged your parents, said Mo.Eight Ye Han brow could not help Laryngeal Mask but wrinkle, thinking in his heart Isn t it four Yes, the eight elites are besieging.Your mother has just given birth to you. The body is weak and the combat power is declining.It is Laryngeal Mask impossible to confront the imperial powers. Finally, your father and I joined stop the eight emperors. The strongest, cover your mother and take you away.The eight imperial powerhouses were eventually killed by your father by four, and the other four were seriously injured by him, but my father and I were also seriously injured Laryngeal Mask at the time, Mok continued.Ye Han suddenly relieved. This number of discrepancies, I am af

raid, because Huachenshan saw only the time when his father killed four elites.So his father Ye Qianyu s strength is even stronger than his original guess.Only right Later later, Ye Han asked. Later, your father s body gradually can t bear this successive battle, and it is expected that his enemies will never give up.In order to protect you, your father and mother Laryngeal Mask decided to leave the Laryngeal Mask East Pole and Laryngeal Mask take the enemy s attention away.I am seriously injured and can t breath buddy respirator mask plus safety goggles reusable professional breathing protection follow, I can only stay in the East China mainland to rehabilitate, until today s injury is catwoman face masks only the how often should we used collagen face mask initial Laryngeal Mask recovery.Mo said. Sure enough, as I how to use krisvie activated dust mask guessed, my father and mother are no longer on the East Pole.Ye Han thought. Then you know where they are now, Laryngeal Mask whether they are born or dead, Ye Han asked.Ink shook his head and said he coronavirus structure Since they left, they never returned, and the contract between the masters has been Laryngeal Mask solved before he left, so I don t know where they are.I don t even know their life and death. Ye Han could not help but Laryngeal Mask be disappoi.nted. However, I think that with the strength of the master, there should be not many people who can kill him in the vast soil.Ye H