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Mask the value of a double property blade is much higher than that of several single property weapons.This is actually one of. the reasons why most people don t cultivate dual attributes the speed of cultivation is too slow, and the weapons are too rare to be able to Mask afford.And now listening to Ye Han s meaning, he actually chose four Mask attributes to cultivate together.Niu Shan, who was on the side, couldn t help but laugh when he saw the face of his unscrupulous face.Niu Shan said Mask Don t be alone, telling you not to pretend, you still pretend, how, now you can t make it a fool.The solitary mouth is slightly pumped, but it is powerless to refute.He did not expect that Ye Han would have Mask dared to speak like a lion.If he is alone and has two pieces of four Mask in one four in one blade, why bother to whisper and want to return to the Tianyu scroll and the mirror If there are two powerful weapons, it is estimated that the battle hall of Cangshengguan has long been replaced by his fog city.After fixing the gods, Mask the solitary screamed coldly and said to Niu Shan It looks like you are fighting for the battle hall.You have already taken the throne of

the thirteenth.Really Ye Han looked Mask forward to Niu Shan with full expectation.Niu Mask Shanyi smiled and said This four industry blade is quite a lot in the main hall, but the four product double armed blade is how to use face mask really rare.He didn t finish his words, and he couldn t help. but smile.He said, Ha ha ha, you can t take it out for a long time.Ye Han could how often can you use lush face masks not help but be disappointed. Niu Shan s face could not help coronavirus horoscope but rise red, and directly patted the table and said Although I did not bring a how long to keep charcoal mask on face double armed blade this time, I brought a four item Xuanjin Mask with a double attribute of wind and fire The sound has not fallen, he has taken a huge iron stone with a height of half a person from his space ring and placed it on the table.The Mask sturdy stone table was under the huge weight of the stone, and it could not bear it at all, and it shattered Mask directly.The stone fell heavily on the ground, making a low sound.This Niu Shan could not help but smile. In order to avoid Mask the fate what do you multiply to get the maximum concentration of a respirator of the misty city killer, he turned his Mask head decisively and looked at Mi Ke Reassured, I will compensate this.But unfortunately, everyone s attention at this moment is not on hi


m, and the sight is all attracted by the huge wind and Xuanjin that he took out.Ye Han is not free to find fault. I saw this piece of basalt stone as a Mask whole, as if it were a swaying flame in the wind.The Mask Xuan Jinshi is covered with reddish lines, like a flame, and it seems to be constantly twisting as if it is spiritual.In Mask addition, surrounded by a hurricane, the stone violently affected the surrounding airflow.which caused a strong wind in the entire courtyard.Ye Han quickly searched the inheritance information in his mind, and soon found the information of this Xuan Jin.As Niu Shan said, this is indeed a very precious four item, fire double attribute ore.Looking at this weight, refining a long sword is more than enough.Chapter 513 Two Gifts This is the four Mask character Xuanjin of the nature of the fire.Ye Han walked Mask up and reached out and gently stroked this strange metal ore.Even if it has not been refining, this piece of Xuanjin ore actually gives him a feeling of inexplicable heat and sharpness, as if his hand is not touched on a stone, but touched a peerless blade.Yes, Niu Shan came forward and smiled and said to Ye Han, This

p95 vs n95 mask for smoke is the Mask best of the four grade wind north respirator mask size and fire double seed how to get stan from face mask off Mask ore.The Fenghuo Xuanjin is such a mysterious gold, in the battle hall, even if Mask it is It s the king Mask s purchase, and post apocalyptic dust mask the value must be Mask 30 million points.30 million points of merit Lin Yaner was shocked. She still remembers that the battle hall records the level of combat power, hunting a demon soldier level for a battle to a point of 90 to a point, Mask a demon will be equal to the division how to make an oatmeal face mask without ground oats of combat power from 100 to 9000 points, a demon handsome The rank is equal to 10,000 to 900,000 points of war.A demon. king is equal to a Mask million Mask to 90 million points.Under the same level, the higher the grade, the stronger the b