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Protective Mask say These don t say anything for the time being, we still think about when to go back.However, hearing this question, Lin Yaner s brow wrinkled deeper, because she is now awake, but it seems that she is weak, let alone go back.Ye Han also found this problem and said If you can t move, I will take you back.Lin Yaner hesitated, after all, men and women are different.But when Protective Mask I think about the reality, she can only finally nod her head and agree to find an Protective Mask excuse to convince herself the children of Protective Mask the rivers and la.kes After all, they have Protective Mask been in this ghost mountain for two days.Count it, tomorrow is the martial arts test, and now they should indeed go back.Moreover, the bloodthirsty beasts here have been cleaned up by them seven or eighty eight, and it doesn t make much sense to stay.It may even cause the people of the wind home to discover and cause unnecessary trouble.As for the Hedgehog demon, it is inconvenient to Protective Mask go back with them, but they are actively asking to stay in this ghost mountain to guard, and there is any news to go back and Protective Mask inform Ye Han.Later,

Ye Han first cast a face on him to avoid revealing his identity as soon as he went out.Then he took up Lin Yaner and carried a long knife.The two coronavirus e sars quickly left the Ghost Mountain and why do asain people wear face masks returned to the city dust mask n90 v n100 of Protective Mask Bishan.On the way, they did not encounter any more accidents, Protective Mask and they returned to Bixi City smoothly.However, they Protective Mask did not expect why does jesuse have face mask on jewelry that when Protective Mask they first entered the west of the city, they suddenly came up with someone they knew.Ye Han was slightly surprised because the person they met was awesome.Strange, how can this guy appear here Seeing this sudden appearance of the young master of the wind, Ye Han s footsteps after a Protective Mask slight meal, immediately resumed normal walking.However, what is honey face mask good for he looked into the wind s gaze, but Protective Mask with a few flashes.He was amazed and wondered how to deal with the s. ituation at hand.Lin Yaner is obviously very surprised. Not far from the wind, they immediately found them, and their faces sank at once.However, what makes Ye Han and Lin Yaner wrong is that after seeing them, they will see Protective Mask ghosts and turn around and run.How is this going Ye Han an

Protective Mask

d Lin Yaner Protective Mask both looked at each Protective Mask other and explained the doubts.Lin Yaner was a little worried, saying It s hard to know, Protective Mask they know what happened in the ghost mountain.Ye Han s eyes turned, and even after the decision, No Protective Mask matter what, now, let s go in As for the winds that have already run far, when they see them walking towards him, they suddenly accelerate, and they disappeared at once.Is this guy a teasing Ye Han looked strangely in color and looked puzzled at the direction in which the wind disappeared.Lin Yaner on his side is also a look of awkwardness.I don t understand what it s all about, Ye Han, and they don t care about it, they go straight back to their bamboo forest house.Feng Ling panicked all the way to the wind home, and plunged into it, knocking over many servants on the road, Protective Mask but he did not care, and kept rushing in.Xiaoling, what is your panic like A voice suddenly came from the side, so that the wind could not help but jump.Feng Ling turned to look at it and found a young man of 18 years old, just coming out of the garden, standing on th.e Protective Mask side

and looking at him with a cold face and dissatisfaction.Big Brother screamed Protective Mask and rushed to the young man. It turned out that this young man is his Protective Mask brother, the name is Fengyao.Feng Ling came mask or respirator for pneumoccal meningitis to the front of the demon, nervously said Big brother, they are back They wrinkled Protective Mask their brows in confusion, Who are north 7130 n95 respirator they Lin Biao, and the Lin Yaner The wind and the sars is a highly communicable disease caused by an unusual coronavirus face changed, and suddenly it was serious They came back, what is the use of you when you panic back If you catch them directly, you can Protective Mask not threaten the woman there.I just felt that I was flustered Protective Mask when I saw them, so I sneaked my head.The wind and the disappointment sighed, but it was only helpless.After the flash of light flashed for a while, he said This matter must be notified to the father, come with me.Yes, the wind and mold respirator mask the Protective Mask Protective Mask wind continued to follow, and quickly followed him to the big house.It turned out that this wind is the eldest son of Feng Ming.He has been practicing in retreat before, and he just mask and filter for concrete dust left the customs yesterday.He has always been wise, even his father s style is not as good.Listening t