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Masks d him say to the violet in the voice Where is this person coming to Masks kill him In the eyes of Ye Han, he skipped a few jokes and pretended not to know.Violet heard the man s voice but immediately said No, don t look at this Masks person is just a king level nine order.In fact, his strength is terrible. I Masks guess, we can only deal with Ye Qianyu adults in Shadow City.he Ye Qianyu When he heard the name, Ye Han couldn t help but see.So smart If he remembers correctly, his current body, the father of the thirteen princes, should be called Ye Qianyu.752. Chapter 752 Shadow Mountain City Unexpectedly landed in this quirky little world, and happened to meet someone who had the same name as his father.Ye Han feels that this fate is really a wonderful thing.Originally, he was not interested in the so called Shadow City.He just wanted to find a place to heal and repair the Masks Kowloon Ding and Masks get two weapons.But now that I hear the existence of this so called Ye Qianyu , I really have an interest in this city.He was not moving, just continued to follow the woman named Violet and the middle aged man who met halfway, and rushed to Shadow C

ity.Along the way, Violet and the middle aged man also occasionally had a voice exchange, discussing how to deal with Ye Ha.n, Masks especially whether the discussion asked Ye Qianyu adults to help.Ye Han listened so quietly, and got a lot of information from it.For example, the middle aged man is named Lin Hong.The Masks so called 3m face shield mask Shadow City is a city, but it is actually very small and directly anti dust mask nyc occupies a dangerous peak.The Masks only road up the mountain was strictly guarded, and there was a stone house under the foot of the mountain.Violet said that to enter the Shadow City, it must be checked in the stone house and registered to be released.In particular, Ye Han is still holding a big tripod Masks that is very strange to others.It is even more strange, so they went what is the power goes out using a full face cpap mask straight to the stone house with the leaves Masks of the violet.The stone house is not big, and Ye Han has stepped into it.Looking around, Ye Han how to get rid of pimples face mask saw that there Masks were five men sitting there, drinking around on a round table.Brothers, we are here for the guests in the village today.Violet greeted other people how does coronavirus replicate and said, Come, let me introduce to you, this is a cold man, but a master


who is not a good one.A few people are slightly cautious, but some people look at Ye Han s eyes more suspicious.After all, Ye Han is only a king Masks level in their view.In this plane, not a master can be considered a master.Ye Han smiled at the crowd and said, Hello everyone.Lin Hon. gqi laughed and quickly grabbed two wine bowls on the table, poured the wine, Masks and handed one of them to Ye Han.He said, The cold man, just can t help it, Yu Linhong is here first.It s not for you. Masks Ye Han did this with him, but he didn t say much.Everyone, the cold man wants to enter our Shadow City to rest and let us all welcome him.Violet also followed the drink after drinking a large bowl of wine, and then explained the things to the people around him in a few words.The five people who were sitting in the house stood up and greeted Ye Han, and warmly greeted the two and sat down.Everyone was drinking together. Later, Lin Hong even let his wife Masks prepare some delicious meals to entertain Ye Han.Ye Han has listened to their plans and knew that he is planning to Masks relax himself.At the same time, some people have already Masks asked for Ye Qianyu adul

ts.He did not break it, and accepted this hospitality directly, just waiting for Ye Qianyu to arrive.Soon after, everyone was full of food, and they patted their belly partikelfiltrierende halbmasken ffp2 against Masks Masks the wall.Ye Han Masks suddenly looked at the comfortable violet, and then looked at Lin Hong and asked How many people n95 p100 composition are there Lin Hong looked at Ye Han with a Masks different walgreens facial masks look.He didn t know what he asked for, but he still replied faithfully procedure mask There are thousands of peopl.e Masks in the city. However, most of them are old and weak women and women, they can really fight.there are only a Masks hundred people Where are you, you will often be attacked by different animals Ye Han asked again.This time the violet answered, she shook her head and said Before this area was very calm, we have already arranged a lot of traps.If there is a strange animal, it can resist it. But after we try to repel it, we have to Moved immediately What she said was similar to the results obtained by Ye Hanfang s insight.Oh. Ye Han responded with a faint coronavirus calf diarrhea voice You are better off preparing now.Soon, it is estimated that you have to face a different animal.Everyone heard a word. Masks The middle ag