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Vons Pharmacy s sucked in his hands.Then, he took out the piece of jade that Xiao Chen gave him, Vons Pharmacy and found that the two jade pieces were Vons Pharmacy exactly the same, but the piece of jade that the two black people used was darker, and it was supposed to be used after the energy.The reason for being consumed. Weird, why are there two identical keys Ye Han wondered.What s so strange, a lock can t have more keys. Just then, a lazy and tender voice sounded.Immediately, Ye Han was surrounded by a girl of fifteen or six Vons Pharmacy Vons Pharmacy years old, not who is Ai Xuan and who is You said.the lock, Ye Han wondered. That s just a metaphor.These entrances are all made by man. So these keys are naturally artificial.How do you know that the people who built these entrances only created one key for each entrance Ai Xuexue looked disdainfully.Look at Ye Han. Ye Han touched his nose, and it was a bit bad to be looked at by a little girl.Although he knew that the actual age of the other party was more than the sum of his two.Do you know who built the entrance to this witchcraft battlefield Ye Han asked.I don t know this, it is certainly not made tens of thousands of years ago, Vons Pharmacy Ai

Xuxue said in an old fashioned manner.However, you may get some clues from these how to make an avocado face mask for acne at home two people.Ye Han nodded. Indeed, since Ye Han has never heard of a second key in the entrance, it proves that the second key Vons Pharmacy was hidden and not known to the world.Moreover, the two men committed suicide after welding fumes respirator being trapped by themselves, which means that the two had problems.At this time, Lei Wei had already searched the two people all over the body, but did when is respirator needed not find anything that could prove his identity.There were only two strange badges, but Ye Han Vons Pharmacy had never seen it.Who are these two people Ye Han Vons Pharmacy couldn t help but touched his chin in confusion.It Vons Pharmacy seems that this Qianlong event is not that simple.After all, Ye Han hasn t understood much of this Qianlong event ye.t, and he can t think of any problems. Can you tell me more why do asian women wear face masks Vons Pharmacy about the details of the witch battlefield Ye Han looked Vons Pharmacy at Ai Xuexue.Ai Xuan Xue once again cast a sly look on him, just like saying to him You beg Vons Pharmacy me Ye Han is speechless.Finally, Ai Xuexue still told is coronavirus icos or helical Ye Han about the battlefield of the witches.According to Ai Xuxue, this witch battlefield is not the space formed by the

Vons Pharmacy

witches Vons Pharmacy and the emperors in Vons Pharmacy the past.The witch battlefield itself is actually a continent, an abandoned dusty continent.This continent was connected to the East Pole, and the Witch and the Emperor chose it as the battlefield.Under the original war, the whole continent was beaten and broken by the two, and the creatures above Vons Pharmacy were destroyed.The land area of this land is far smaller than the East Pole continent.In addition, most of the land was sunk by the Witch and the Emperor.Today, the land area is only a little bigger Vons Pharmacy than the Tianxiao Dynasty Ai Xuan tells about the situation of some witches and battlefields, Vons Pharmacy although Ye Han does not know how she knows.However, according to Ai Xuxue, the witches and battlefields should be very dangerous.Then, why is this man s grandest place in the dragon s place, why choose the dangerous witch battlefield You know, even now, there are many places in the battlefield of the Witch and the Remnants Vons Pharmacy that left the traces.of the Witch s Emperor s attack. Although tens of thousands of years have passed, its power is still enough to easily kill the Vons Pharmacy ordinary king level powerhouse.After all, the

Witch Emperor was the peak of the Emperor, and Vons Pharmacy the half step was about to reach the legendary little black diamond party monster dust mask step.On the surface of this Qianlong event, it is said that it is to inspire the development of the human race, but Ye Han always feels that the Qianlong event is really not simple, even a plot with a purpose.Of how to make loquat face mask course, these Vons Pharmacy things Vons Pharmacy have nothing to do with Ye Han.Ye Han entered the witch battlefield only to refine his sword.After refining the demon blade, will you go to participate in the Qianlong event, it will have to look at the mood.Ye Han s gaze returned to the two people on the ground.Actually, from the two people, I felt a bit of annoying taste.At this Vons Pharmacy time, Ai Xuan suddenly said. What smell Ye Vons Pharmacy Han has some doubts.In fact, this taste has a little bit how to make a homemade avocado face mask before you. Ai Xuan continued.Ye Han is full of black lines. I don t Vons Pharmacy have to be Vons Pharmacy a so called masculine.But Ai Xuan said that he only has a little bit of it.He only has a little masculinity. Ai Xuan Xue also seems to know what he respirator open mbe chber is thinking, can not face sticket masks for dogs help but turn over his eyes, and then just said The taste of the Mozu Chapter 604 Witch Battlefield Hmong Mozu Ye Han was shocked.I